If you manufacture, maintain or service engines, buses or rail cars, look no further than Air Management Systems (AMS) and Rohner Finishing Systems for a comprehensive line of paint booths and finishing equipment designed to improve quality and increase efficiency.

In addition to an expansive selection of pre-engineered and standard models and options for all of our industrial paint booths and finishing equipment, AMS has the resources and expertise to custom engineer products and complete finishing solutions to meet customers’ unique needs and specifications. Our custom engineered solutions provide the same exceptional quality and performance you expect from our team of designers in a truly one-of-a-kind booth for painting products and parts.


Precision engineered and manufactured of heavy-duty materials, AMS Large Equipment Booths manufactured by Rohner Finishing Systems allow industrial manufacturers and businesses to achieve high-quality paint finishes in a safe, clean environment that meets and exceeds government safety standards so you easily achieve equipment permits or stamped drawings. Large Equipment Booths have a long-standing reputation in the industry and are designed to last many years of heavy industrial use. Pre-engineered models and standard options have all listed components.


AMS’ Service & Preventative Maintenance programs take the hassle out of maintaining your finishing equipment and ensure it continues to operate in peak condition for years to come. We offer a variety of programs — which may include quarterly and annual site visits, filter and part replacement, booth cleaning and just-in-time filter replenishment — to fit your business’s need.


AMS will assign a dedicated project manager to follow your project through from start to finish, keeping the project on budget and on time. The project manager is responsible for developing the project schedule and monitoring the budget, equipment quality and project billings.

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