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Our smallest paint booths, Bench Booths allow businesses and hobbyists to paint small products in a safe, code-compliant environment. Models are available with an integrated raised bench or designed to be placed on a countertop to make painting small parts easy and accessible. With fast shipping on Bench Booths, you can start painting sooner.


The most cost-effective airflow style, crossdraft airflow offers reliable performance at an affordable price point. Since there is no pit to dig, crossdraft booths are also easier to integrate into existing facilities. In Bench Spray Booths, unfiltered air enters at the front of the booth. From there, air flows horizontally through the booth, flowing over the product and into a filter bank in the booth rear.


In AMS Bench Paint Booths manufactured by Rohner Finishing Systems, air is filtered through an exhaust chamber with high-efficiency filtration. All Bench Booths come complete with a full set of 20 by 20-inch Paint Pocket exhaust filters. Installing and replacing filters is easy with the grid system; you can avoid waste and save cost by replacing only the filter squares that need changing. An included manometer indicates when filters need to be replaced.

Fans & Motors

High-powered fans and motors create adequate airflow through the paint booth, creating a cleaner environment for a better paint job. Each Bench Paint Booth includes a non-sparking, tube axial exhaust fan with belt guards and duct connector ring, and a three-phase, TEFC, tri-voltage motor with variable pitch pulley.


Our largest Bench Paint Booth models feature a four-tube, inside-access fluorescent light fixture in the booth ceiling for a brighter painting environment and easy tube replacement. our light fixtures are Class 1, Division 2 ETL/ETL-C listed and come complete with T8 color-corrected tubes.


To ensure the safety of painters and equipment, a manometer and air solenoid valve are included with all Bench Booths to maintain an optimal working environment inside the booth. Manometers monitor overspray buildup on exhaust filters, while air solenoid valves prevent spraying in the booth when fans are off .


AMS Bench Paint Booths are constructed from high-quality, 18-gauge, G90 galvanized sheet steel. Quality components — including precision-punched panels with sturdy nut-and-bolt assembly — confirm longevity, safety and excellent structural integrity.


One of AMS’ greatest strengths is our ability to provide our customers with highly specialized products. The following pre-engineered options can be added to Air Management Systems Bench Paint Booths:

White pre-coated panels
Single-phase, explosion-proof and/or 575 V/50 Hz exhaust fan motor
Fan stand and motor cover
Six-tube fluorescent light fixtures with color-corrected tubes
Four- or six-tube light fixtures with LED tubes
Light reflectors
Electromechanical control panel
Manual balance
Dirty filter shutdown
Exhaust air proving kit
AMU interlock
¾-inch air solenoid valve
Exhaust ductwork


AMS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. .

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