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2018 automotive ultra xr iso 900 x 600

premium downdraft spray booth

The Ultra XR Paint Booth is a premium downdraft spray booth that is integrated seamlessly with the REVO Speed — creating a top-of-the-line spraying and curing environment.

Integrated overhead rails allow the REVO Speed to move independently alongside the vehicle, rapidly curing coatings as it moves
Exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling for superior contamination control
Premium ceiling and vertical sidewall lighting
Intuitive LOGIC 4 controls with dual VFDs
Pressurized parking garage and pressurized power rails make the booth fully compliant with NFPA 33


The Ultra XR Booth comes standard with GFS’ LOGIC 4 control panel. This premium panel with a 10-inch color interface provides complete control over the booth. User-programmable, intuitive controls include dual VFDs, and nine customizable flash and cure profiles that make it easy to tailor booth cycles for different coatings.


With unique H-channel construction, booth wall panels join together seamlessly to create a virtually airtight seal. Panels are installed vertically, reducing the number of joints for smooth interior walls and a stronger, longer lasting booth. Insulation between the dual-skin panels keeps heated air inside the cabin and reduces noise. Unique to the Ultra XR Paint Booth, a 10-foot interior height accommodates the REVO Speed and a wider array of vehicles.

Airflow & Lighting

Maximizing the effectiveness of the downdraft airflow, the GFS exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling creates a protective envelope of air around the vehicle, while secondary zones keep overspray off booth walls and contaminants out of the paint job. Strategically placed ceiling lights combine with vertical sidewall lights for a virtually shadow-free environment — perfect for the precise application of paint.

REVO SYSTEM Integration

An overhead rail system is integrated into the Ultra XR Paint Booth to allow the REVO Speed to move independently alongside the vehicle, curing coatings as it moves. To make the solution fully NFPA 33 compliant, pressurized power rails prevent overspray from entering the rails and a pressurized parking garage stores the REVO System to protect the unit from paint buildup and contaminants when not in use


GFS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. One of our engineers currently serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, a key standard in the finishing industry.

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