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Air Management Systems was founded in 1983, incorporated in 1985, and, like many other small businesses, started out by recognizing a short coming in the niche market of pollution control systems. With our experiences over the past 38 years we have become the premier turn key supplier of paint spray booths, dust collection, compressed air systems and vacuum systems.

When Air Management Systems was started, paint booth systems and dust collection were the heart of the business. Over the years, the needs of our customers have evolved, so that today, we are not only supplying the equipment but also constructing the facility. Actual ground up projects from sub grade to roof lines. Although the equipment and service support are still very important to us.

Air Management Systems has developed a complete in-house systems engineering capability, which has designed and installed systems around the southwest, many with leading-edge or breakthrough technologies.

Air Management Systems goal today is to remain, for their customers, the first and most reliable resource for their construction, equipment and service support needs. We will take on the projects no others will attempt.

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